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Looking for hunting Club in or bordering Cherokee County


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Oct 27, 2018
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Easy going guy, but a serious hunter. I am looking for a club to join that is managed properly. I hunt Deer and Turkey only at the moment. Deer can be now only if it’s small tract of property.
My 12yr old daughter likes to Turkey Hunt with me so I’m looking for a kid friendly and safe place to take her.
I’m not looking for a “brown it’s down” club nor a bunch of beer drinking riff raffs getting drunk and heading into the woods.
If I don’t have a clear shot, the round stays in the chamber.
Looking for a club that has rules like antlers have to be outside the ears, 8pt min.
Find your own spot on the property and that’s where you stay, not sneaking up into others stands unless given permission to do so.
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