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Mid Ga-Gunsmithing / Clap Trap Armory Range Day April 2023. Delayed due to Weather messing up our range-scaping


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Dec 1, 2022
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Barnesville, GA
Delayed due to Weather messing up our range-scaping

We will be rescheduling to late May. The weather has slowed our range grading. We will update the event info asap.

I'm excited to announce that Mid-Ga Gunsmithing will be hosting an open range day April 29th 2023.

This will be an everything shoot, so bring your Barrett and your bolt action .22!

We'll be displaying all Transferable Machine guns in stock and demoing our new line of Clap Trap Armory Suppressors.

We are a full service gunsmith shop, so if you have a project in the works, bring it with you and we'll get it checked in and worked on!

Check us out online CanCo CanCo on instagram, YouTube, and Facebook!

www.claptraparmory.com to view the suppressor lineup!

georgiagunsmith.com for our Gunsmithing Website

May, late (TBD)
ADDRESS: 745 Highfalls Park Rd, Barnesville, GA 30204

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