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MMA Challenge - Anyone here know how we can make this challenge happen. Senator Markwayne Mullin vs. Teamsters Sean O"Brian .

Or this

These guys talk a lot but that’s about it.

Cant forget the Burr-Hamilton duel.

Or this one

The 1850s were basically one political catastrophe after another and widely considered by historians to be America’s worst period outside the Civil War. There are so many examples of congressional crises that it’s hard to name them all. But hey, here are a few highlights.

In March 1850, Sen. William H. Seward of New York delivered his “Higher Law” address, stating that a compromise on slavery was wrong because under a higher law than the Constitution—the law of God—all men are free.

A month later, Sen. Henry Foote of Mississippi pulled a pistol on anti-slavery Sen. Thomas Hart Benton on the Senate floor. A wrestling match ensued, but no shots were fired.
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