ODT M&G RK Gun Show Dec 3&4 at Expo Center – $2off Coupon inside!


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Dec 18, 2014
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Be sure to come by and see us at the Johns Creek Soap table at the upcoming RK Gun Show.

Yeah, yeah, I know, what does SOAP (of all things) have to do with a gun show???

Well friend, I’ll tell ya. That special someone in your life will immediately forgive and forget that you spent this month’s rent on that last case of .223 at the gun show when you come home with the gift of soap! And don’t forget the sundries, either! Foaming bath salts, hand lotion, sugar scrubs, and yes, even lip balms!

Coming home with the gift of soap will earn you the proverbial get out of jail free card. Women of all ages LOVE it and love and appreciate a man who /thinks of her/ and not only that, but /thinks enough of her/ and /brings her a nice gift/ when he is spending the kids’ college tuition on a dozen AR lowers at the gun show.

Smart men bring their special someone WITH them to the gun show and can earn their gratitude immediately. Shoot, she may even encourage you to buy MORE primers and powder with that money you promised her would get the water and electricity turned back on! And help you carry them back to the truck, to boot! THAT’s gratitude – brought to you by Johns Creek Soap!

Now, we can’t make any kind of claims about what our soap can do for you other than it gets you clean, is pretty, and smells nice (the soap trifecta, as we tend to call it). Some soap sellers try to make claims that the soap will clear up your skin, make you irresistible to the other sex (or same – not judging) and help you give up smoking. Any soap that can do that for you has to go through the FDA (true story) to make any kind of claims like that.

So come on down to the gun show, spend your children’s Christmas fund on that deer rifle you just HAD to have and don’t forget the misses. She won’t bat an eye on your purchases when you come home bearing Johns Creek Soap gifts for her!

Also makes great teacher gifts/hostess gifts – buncha dang parties comin’ up [‘tis the season] and you REALLY don’t want to show up empty-handed like the cheap SOB you are. Why, you could even enter a bar of soap into that office party gift exchange – you know the one – where you get to steal other folks’ gifts? Yeah, the ladies will be pulling each others’ hair out trying to bring home the soap! Think of the enjoyment!

$6.50/bar but we’ll have the RK Show special – 4 bars for $22.00. Now I know what you’re saying – you didn’t know this post would involve MATH but just so you don’t have to count on your fingers, that’s a one dollar discount per bar if you buy four or more. That means two for your wife and two for your girlfriend. Or 3 for one and 1 for the other. Depending how much trouble you’re in, of course.

And the preppers aren’t the only ones who appreciate that soap can be used as currency in the upcoming apocalypse. Why, just a couple of years ago I was able to swap soap for AK magazines at the DTK swap meet. True story.

Don’t be that guy who spends this month’s grocery money on that shiny old Smith revolver and when you get home your wife shoots you in the elbow. Don’t be that guy. You don’t HAVE to be that guy. Just bring her the gift of soap!

Johns Creek Soap. When you care enough to not get in trouble for buying JUST ONE MORE milsurp.

Can’t wait until the show to get out of the dog house? www.johnscreeksoap.com

Oh, and I promised a coupon for the show.

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So stop by our table and say hello. And as well attended as this show is, we can have a mini M&G over in the food court. You can show off all the soap you bought for your wives and girlfriends and other men will be jealous of the admiration and attention you will be getting when you get home from the show.

My sig line says it all…

Me and 2 other ODT guys could not find your table, we found two other soap tables but not your where we're you located???


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Oct 5, 2010
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Just back from the show. Dang, I am glad that some on here don't go to gun shows!!! I went around 10 and still had to stand in line....a long line. Met up with some ODT members. Prices, on some items, were lower than they were at the show in September. Some still had the old "high in the sky" prices, but there were fewer of them. Most of the guys I spoke to felt the same way. I enjoyed the show. Man, tables were everywhere.
I had the chance to visit with Hayata. Just remember, "BUY SOAP"!


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Feb 19, 2012
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Macon, GA.
Yes, there was an accidental discharge this morning in the line. We were passing right by the scene in a vehicle when it happened. A man got struck in the upper outside of his left thigh by a .38 S&W ricochet. He leaned back against the yellow brick wall and slowly slid down to take a seat all the while looking like he had a bad case of indigestion and rubbing his thigh. The slug was right there on the sidewalk. I talked to him latter in the show and he said he got a free admission to the show and a large welt.

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Feb 22, 2014
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Apr 30, 2012
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Great seeing all the ODT members! I want to make a shameless plug for SAS Defense. 100% Titanium Suppressors!
Personally I'm selling my No 4 Mk 1 T ($1500), an MSAR E4 (takes MagPul mags- $1700), and a brand new in the box unfired Mak-90 ($1200). And the Detonics SS ($900).
ODT'ers get a huge discount.... well at least $100.
Always great to meet y'all! God Bless

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