Ok, Ok, One More 500 Gram Mega Firework Giveaway(Hard Hitting!)

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Beulah Land

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Nov 30, 2019
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This time it’s for what is affectionately called a NOAB(nine on a board, premium stuff!). These types of cakes are known for hitting hard and going high. Had to do it, giving away fireworks is fun lol, plus I have 4 of these in my personal collection so why not. Local pickup at Big Grin fireworks in powder springs. Will draw the winner probly on friday. You will need to pick it up sometime by the 3rd as the 4th will be pure chaos in the store. Here is the video of the one being given away. The video quality sucks because whoever recorded this was using what I assume to be a potato to record with but it’s a good firework In person. One entry for everyone, two for supporters.

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