Oklahoma rifle season with the ladies


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Apr 19, 2020
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North central Oklahoma
Rifle season started last Saturday morning. The week and chase phase of our rut was/is wide open. Started Saturday morning out with my youngest daughter and we were able to get on a good 10 point. That afternoon my oldest girl and I found a unique buck out in the prairie with a doe and she stretched the Christensen Arms 6.5 prc out and anchored him at 500 yards. I'm still pumped up after that shot. Sunday morning I took one if my nieces out and we had a beautiful 9 point come by the blind chasing a doe. Although the shot was a little far back she was able to follow up with a better one and put him down. Today another niece and I spotted a buck bedded with a doe and we were able to use the wind and a terrace to get within range. 125 yard shot and he never took a step. Been a great season so far. Still have a couple nephews, a sister and a Wounded Warrior to fill tags. Lots of fun helping others have fun.

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