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TS11 Flashlight Giveaway Game! ** Winner!

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Nov 30, 2019
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Switching things up a bit and figured I’d add a little fun to a giveaway. This time it’s for a Wurkkos TS11 mini thrower flashlight(new in box, will be ordered at end)which I just got myself one recently and has ended up being my favorite light. Maybe not the most practical, but the coolest lol. You can spend $2.50 on their site to get an extension tube to turn it into an 18650(battery) light and give it more grip and much longer run time. To win this light you will need to be closest to the correct answer when the contest ends.

Here is the problem you need to do the math for…

How much fuel did it take in milliliters(not gallons) to fill up my work truck yesterday as well as how many miles are currently on the truck. Add those 2 numbers up and that will be your answer you give. The only clue that I can give is that the work truck is a 2021 ford ranger. Won’t say where the gas needle was when filled up. There is some randomness in the equation but using some deductive reasoning should give you some extra help and get you closer than some.

I will end the contest the 24th.

Everyone gets one guess, supporters get 2 guesses. Good luck to all!


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