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Will Pay or Trade Gun for Hog Hunting (Aug 11-14)

Will Beverly

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Jul 31, 2018
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Knoxville, TN
I am interested in hog hunting Georgia private land between August 11-14 with 3 of my hunting partners. We will pay a fee, or trade a gun for the following:

-A piece of property (The larger the parcel the better) to hog hunt on for these 3-4 days ONLY
-A place to camp on or near the property
-Stands, feeders, etc. are a plus
-Anywhere in GA where you have hogs!

We are trustworthy individuals who will respect you, your livestock (if any) and your property. We do not drink or do drugs, and will abide by all laws, and will not steal, vandalize, or in any way damage your property or belongings.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please let me know. You can PM me here, and if you would like I can provide my phone number or vice versa, and we can talk on the phone. Thanks very much.
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