***Winners Picked*** 2,500th Post Giveaway


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Mar 24, 2022
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This marks my 2,500th post on the ODT. To celebrate, I'm giving away one box of ammo. Everybody from 1 post to 128k posts gets one entry. Supporters can name one other (not yourself) ODT member to give an extra entry to. Please name the bonus OTD'er in a DIFFERENT POST so I can separate it from your entry. Please use the "@Username" style so I can find em. If none of the ammo in the pic does it for you, I'll see if I have a box or clip of something that strikes your fancy. Good luck Tradesmen and thanks for all the community. Winner will be chosen at random on April 15th. Liking this post won't hurt your chances of winning, but is not required.

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We can meet up or I can mail it if needed. Ammo is in Macon, but my kids are in ATL.

My apologies to @Username I figured that was not a real user.
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