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  1. Ruger SR22 threaded barrel $375

    $289 for the standard, $319 for the Threaded. Factory threaded barrels available for your SR22, $109.99. Rich
  2. Ruger SR22 threaded barrel $375

    No Raspberry with threaded barrel. Rich
  3. Ruger RPR @ CGP

    It is a Gen2. Rich
  4. What happened to Cherokee Gun?

    Well, it has been awhile. I have been dividing time between ATF compliance checks and the onslaught of NFA paperwork. I will do what I can to get on here more often. As far as deals go, the best place for our deals are on FB. Rich
  5. M&P 2.0 in 9mm

    We are out of the FDE one, but do have a Blk one left. Rich
  6. Suppressor info

    We do submit Form 4s with a 25% deposit, the balance must be paid off within 90 days. Rich
  7. I want one of these. Keep your Benelli and your KSG. Hello Mr. Street Sweeper

    We have one ready for transfer. Come on up to the store and check it out. Rich
  8. Element II availability?

    We have them in stock and ready to form 4. $399.95 Rich
  9. Best and fastest way to get a suppressor in Cherokee Co?

    Guys, We do file the form 4 once the deposit has been paid. 90 days to pay off the balance. As far as phone/email orders on suppressors, we will take the layaway payments over the phone. The origination of the form 4 needs to take place at the shop. Rich
  10. Cherokee Gun & Pawn BLACK FRIDAY AD

    Guys, We have plenty of stock on the most of the sale items left. The $399 ARs are out. Come on in, plenty of ammo and lowers, however, call ahead if you are making a long drive. Rich
  11. Cherokee Gun & Pawn BLACK FRIDAY AD

    Yes, the sale starts Monday, and lasts all week, or until stock is gone. Rich
  12. 2015 Black Friday Thread (Gun Stuff Only)

    AAC SDN6 $499.95, Warlock $149.95. Sparrow $299 Rich
  13. Bowers Suppressors

    Yes we do stock Bowers products. I just sold the last CAC9, but have a CAC45 left. I have placed an order for some Vers 9, shoiuld have serial numbers next week. I personally run the CAC9 on the M11/NINE, and on an Uzi. To me there is not a better alternative, for the money, than the Bowers. Rich
  14. Silencerco Salvo "CHEAP"

    We have them in stock. Rich
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