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  1. Praesidium -- short film on gun free zones

    Wow! Even a leftist retard could (should) get something out of that.
  2. Dunhams Lagrange. We don't accept permits we call it in

    The 'hold' and 'call it in' seems like ignorance, but the locks seem to becoming more common. The ID trade happened to me at a pawnshop in the Conyers hood (NOT Elite Pawn, they're awesome). He told me that after a few Jesse Owens left a vapor trail to the parking lot with an AR or 1911, they...
  3. VOTE? Amendment 4 to the Georgia Costitution

    God, no. From what I've read, the accused loses the right to depose the accuser; the accuser can not be required to testify; the accuser gets to be "included" in the prosecution process; and all of the requirements on the courts and law enforcement are unfunded mandates. I think it is...
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