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  1. Designer pistol for the discerning ladies of means

    USPS flat rate boxes are free and tape is cheap.
  2. Replacing a Recoil Spring

    Volume and pressure are 2 different things. You are talking about running 25 acp pressures with 10x the total gas volume. That can break things the same way pressure can. Also there is no sammi 380 +p spec. That means ammo makers can just wing it. It also means the only pressure threshold ruger...
  3. Replacing a Recoil Spring

    With 10x the gas volume. Pressure isn't the only part of the equation. Without a SAMMI +p spec anything you shoot out of that gun at best voids your warranty and at worst, voids your fingers. Live your life how you want. Good luck, God Speed.
  4. Gunshop Closing

    Huh, I live in Lilburn, never heard of his shop. Probably why he went out of for the children's sake.
  5. Weatherby Model 700 clone

    Eurofudd. Lol
  6. Weatherby Model 700 clone

    M16 extractors are scary.
  7. Weatherby Model 700 clone

    Ruger makes guns that were good 60 years ago and refuses to update anything. So the aftermarket fills a colossal void on some really basic features. Remington is doing the same.
  8. Weatherby Model 700 clone

    The Ruger of bolt guns
  9. Weatherby Model 700 clone

    Side bolt release, m16 extractor, factory dbm, trigger tech trigger. Wonder when remington is gonna make a 700 that stacks up with the clones
  10. A Tale of Two Crush Washers, or Two Crush Washers One Barrel, and other AR oddities

    Pfft, cross thread with some jbweld. It ain't moving
  11. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    I never cleaned with anything but a boresnake until I got my Kidd. Shoving things in from the muzzle doesn't jive with my lifestyle.
  12. Nitro Piston. School me on this!

    Sounds like they put nitrogen in the piston instead of air...which is 92% nitrogen. Anyways, I'm sure they are trying to convince you that 100% nitro will make it shoot better or some non sense
  13. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    Doing it from the top will be all drop in. You will be able to leave the bolt buffer in the rear if you so desire. Slide the roof off, lift charging handle/guide rod, lift bolt. No need to pull it all to the rear to clear the slide/bolt/trigger stop rail things inside the receiver. It's a neat...
  14. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    Lol, -30 moa.
  15. Barrel threading

    Pfft, self timing to the 12 and 6. Get 1 shot and a dust cloud to hide your getaway. **** they don't teach in sniper skool
  16. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    Be honest, how many times have you launched the charging handle into the next county trying to hold the spring tension while dropping the bolt in. Makes my fingers sad everytime
  17. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    There are much better platforms if accuracy is the chief concern. Also, a real stock or chassis torqued the same each time isn't hard to do either. 6 years running a 10/22 or clone in NRL and it's not an issue. This is another solution looking for a problem. I do like the idea of easier...
  18. Fletcher 11/22 opinions?

    I guess if getting the recoil spring assembly and bolt back into your receiver is too hard this is the ticket. I'm not a fan of the super extended pic rail over the barrel. Harder to keep that area clean. Still gonna take a Kidd over anything else
  19. Colt AR folding stock assembly; fires when folded

    Was the goal to make it look like a keltec or flex on the poors?
  20. Rifle load development methods?

    Labradar had early teething troubles. Really not sure if those ever got weeded out. Once you do it a few times the magnetospeed isn't that big of a mounting issue. Biggest concern would be if you plan on using a chrony for pistol.
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