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Barrel threading

If it's just for a muzzle brake check out Carolina Shooters Supply. They sell barrel threading kits for the mechanically inclined gun owner. Check the video out. Could save you a heap-O-cash.
No sense in half-assing it, regardless of what type of muzzle device you plan on using. It’s either done right, or it’s wrong.

When it’s done right, it works with EVERYTHING.

When it ain’t done right, it works with SOME devices.

We index the threads off the bore, not the outside diameter. It’s not uncommon for factory rifles to have a bore that’s not in the center of the barrel. This ensures that the bore of the muzzle device is perfectly aligned with the center of the barrel. Not only is the important to prevent baffle/end cap strikes when using suppressors, it is conducive to better accuracy.

If you’re using a muzzle device that must be timed/indexed, and you bring us the muzzle device with the barrel, we will cut the threads so that the muzzle device lines up without having to use shims. I prefer my setups that way, when possible.
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