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Damn expensive hobbies!


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Hew many foe-men.
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Jun 5, 2019
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Commerce, GA
I feel I'm being pretty consistent in picking back up my old hobby of playing bass guitar and have several songs learned. The problem is I like to play in different tunings so I'm looking at buying another bass. In good old boujee fashion I want the best and am prepared to pay. I swear, if it's not guns or women, it's musical instruments. Car guys probably feel the same lol. At least it's not drugs. Anyway, I'm a Spector guy through and through and looking at getting the Spector Dimension 5. That burl wood grain just speaks to me and the multiscale fret board is something I'm interested in. Tax returns are already spent lol.

In addition to guns/ammo, I collect "action figures" and such... Currently, I am on a Funko Pop kick (bobble heads). Some of the autographed ones can be quite expensive. I used to customize my rides; but now I have 2 2003 Fords (Expedition and F250) so I guess I'm out of the cars game...
ETA: all the ones below are autographed


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I collect and restore vintage Ferraris. I currently have zero so the operating expense is actually pretty low.

Contrary to common belief, many Ferrari's are very reliable and easy to maintain by the owner. The IDA48-2 eight barrel Weber carburetor is a little tricky, but easy once one understands the principles. Insurance is cheap too as a vintage car, but one can easily get into the "assigned risk" category by receiving a performance award .......
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My medical bills from skydiving and BASE jumping were and still are expensive. Just finished having the discs between C5-6, C6-7 replaced with cadaver bone, bone spurs removed from C5-6-7 that had grown into my spinal cord and nerve running down my left arm and a plate installed to fuse C5-7 vertebras together. This is from a hard canopy opening I had in 2010 when I went from 120mph to 0 in a 1/2 a second and fractured C5.
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