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Going fishing near Cherokee NC and have no idea how to catch a trouts

Ended up going to a pay trout pond so my son could catch a few. After he put 6 in the bucket we paid the $90 damn dollars and left. I don't care if I never see another Trout. Or Cherokee NC.

Wow. $90!!!

Well if the trout were of good size then you could be at $15 per trout so maybe on par with market price?

Hopefully the silver lining is your son enjoyed catching trout and outwardly you were all smiles attaboy and inside was the "WTF was that"! LOL

How old is your son? My boy is 11 and has got the trout fishing bug. We have been all over GA north of us (Atlanta) fishing (and catching) for trout. Feel free to PM me if your son is still interested in fishing for trout and you are up for doing it outside of the pay to play ponds.
He’s 17. He just bought a kayak and has been hitting local ponds and lakes. If the trout bug hits again I may hit you up. He had a ball so in the end it was worth it.


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