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Item Relisted! FS/FT Daniel Defense Mk12-Gray W/Strike Eagle

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Jun 25, 2010
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Monroe County, Ga
Used, Gray Daniel Defense Mk12 with a gunfighter charging handle, Geissele trigger, Magpul Bipod and a Strike Eagle 1-8 LPVO W/ Aero precision light weight mount.

I didn't buy it new, so can't give you a round count but BCG and everything looks good, so I would say under 1000rnds but that's a guess @ best.

I thought I'd like a DMR set up but I just don't see myself using it much.

I'm in the High Falls area of Monore County now but I get up to the Cherokee county about once a month, if that's better for you.

Meet close to me off 75, meet very close to me in the middle of nowhere if little to no feed back or more then 1 negative.

Trades are factory built AR from DD, SOLGW, BCM, and Colt. I need 45ACP and 5.56 target ammo. 1911 in 45ACP, AK in x39, and as always, a Spas-12. Also looking for AR-180 magazines, gold or silver bullion, and straight MP5 magazines too. A 308 Galil ( Original style) might peak my interest as well.


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