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My brand new 2A book ETA WINNER IS MIATADUDE


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Sep 22, 2010
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Giving away a copy of my brand new book...

"Rules For Thee: How Gun Control Goes From 'Just The Tip' To Full Blown 'Hide The Sausage'"

Shipping is of course on me. Entries open until 2/11/24 at 8pm with drawing that same evening. I will use a random number generator and whoever has the corresponding post # in this thread wins!

One entry per person please!



Reply to this thread with your favorite NFA category that will become readily available once the Bruen decision is appropriately applied and the NFA defeated, i.e. "IN WITH MACHINE GUNS!"

As a reminder, your choices are:
Machine guns
Short-barreled rifles
Short-barreled shotguns
Destructive devices
Any other weapons

Book Description:

"Indulge yourself in the decadent justness of the modern defense implement. Not only are guns a protected right for those who choose to not leave their fate in the hands of criminals and/or authoritarians, they are categorically a massive net positive for our country as proven inside, courtesy of the CDC's own statistics.

This book provides a current, non-nerd approach to making the irrefutable case for premium firearm technology in the hands of the People. Though the numbers demonstrated inside prove the efficacy of a freedom-minded, pro-gun society, the concepts exemplified are timeless and the logic unassailably solid.

“Ah, that'll never happen here” has been the downfall of many individuals and many nations. Constitutional infringements bombard U.S. citizens from all angles. Gun control is a coup against the People and is deeply rooted in blatant racism that persists to this day- though insidious in application. “Gun Free Zones” aren't; only the “good citizen” abides by these magical imaginary boundaries, while criminals take advantage of the obedient.

AR-15s, machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, handguns, the ATF, the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, and all other gun control is addressed through a lens of freedom. The games played with citizen freedoms are highlighted. There is an easy-to-follow prescription for the average, below-average, and above-average citizen to transform into a competent modern home/family/community protector, complete with self-paced training schedule and priority equipment list.

What is happening, what is coming, and how to prepare intelligently are all solved unapologetically within this text."

Good luck!
in for the book and certainly in for silencers/suppressors! ....and my tinnitus has just gotten worse.. I think the more hearing loss i have = louder ringing.
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