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USMC Model 70 Sniper Build

Old Unertl's have shot up in value in recent years, but you can still occasionally find a good deal. The 1.25" scopes usually fetch more because it's the correct model for the USMC 1903A1 Sniper and the Model 70. The 8x models are especially pricy because people want them for the aforementioned rifles, but also because the 8x magnification is the only one allowable for CMP Vintage Sniper matches. I won't lie in that this one is technically not correct since it's 10x - which doesn't bother me for the type of rifle it is.

I picked this one up for $500 (got lucky on GB), but I've seen them for as much as $1200.00. While this scope and model is correct, the actual scopes marked USMC-Sniper go for considerably more - usually $4000-6000 bucks depending on the condition and included accessories.
Very interesting. Thanks for the info
A few more pics in action:

If ya notice in some pics that some rifles have the front sight base mounted and others do not, you can see in this picture that the front sight base in some cases was just not mounted - you can see the drilled/tapped holes, but no mount.



In late. Beautiful rifle. Thought about building one. My buddy has an original USMC M70. As you stated the, that is somewhat the correct scope when it comes to tube length and diameter. The USMC marked ones would be the real correct ones. After Korea, they were put in storage and later pulled out for Vietnam. A little over 2k scopes were made and they do fetch a heavy premium. This is my original USMC 1903a1, only about 30 or so are known to exist with the USMC unertl. The scope is an early one. SN's for the scopes started at 1000


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