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What are the best shooting gloves?


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Apr 26, 2012
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Smyrna Ga
Want to shoot comfortably .357 and .44 mag pistols, maybe larger Calibers too. As I get older wrist support and Comfort are more important. Been watching a ton of videos on shooting gloves, tactical gloves, etc etc.. wanted to get opinions From here on what ODT’rs think are the best shooting gloves.
Got myself a pair of these and.....they fit like a glove!

I have big ol' mits and I haven't dealt with slide or hammer bite since I got them.

I like my larger calibers pistols as well. The grip these provide over barehand on a Desert Eagle....there's no comparison.
I have a pair of Pig gloves from SKD Tactical.

Got them mainly after shooting at a buddy's place in summer where we had all the guns laying out (no shade). So hot you could hardly hold them.

Good fit, not sure how well they do for recoil.

First pair of shooting gloves so I have no comparison.

Good luck in your search.
My son brought a sack full home from Iraq. They are very comfortable and do lend support,I reckon just some military type glove,some have the plastic knuckle guards but smell like a petroleum product. Have to wash em in dawn.
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