Anyone watching Foundation?


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May 28, 2011
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Just ran across it on AppleTV. I've probably read the books a dozen times, and as a kid I actually lived a few blocks away from Asimov when he lived my town, although I hadn't discovered SciFi back then.

I'm curious what people think of it. I only saw the first episode, but from what I'm seeing this is no more the Foundation that Asimov wrote than it was his "I Robot".

So far the plot seems to only loosely follow the books, and making Gaal Dornik a black girl just smacks of over-wokeness. And Seldon with a head of hair is the exact opposite of how the books always described him.

I'll probably give it a few episodes but so far I'm thinking I' not going to be happy that one of my favorite series of books will be made into a crappy TV series.
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