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Finally- Jack Reacher done Right!

Good show! Just finished watching the first season. Some stupid gun stuff, but you just have to tolerate that crap these days. Good story, good enough acting and the action sense are great.
The show is alright. Plenty cheesy lines, poor attempts at humor, and how they reach some of their conclusions is far-fetched. The action is pretty good, but some parts are grossly overexaggerated. It definitely skips over some key details from the books it's based on.
I've read/listened to quite a few Jack Reacher books, Tom Cruise was a terrible fit in the movies...the Amazon series actor is spot on to what the books describe (although the actor may be a little bit more yoked). Regarding the 'stupid gun stuff', almost every single movie you watch is full of it... I just watched a movie the other day where the 'star' was shooting a Glock...he was showing another character how to shoot...and started with "make sure you flip the safety off first"...
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