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Glock knife

Outstanding knives. Unbelievably durable. Indestructible, really. A steal for $40-$50. I believe Glock knives are the best value of all time for a fixed blade knife. I own 2 of them (78 and 81 models) and have given them as gifts to several family and friends.

If you can watch this entire video and still not believe, then you are impossible.

For $30 something dollars you'd be hard-pressed to find a better fixed blade knife.
If you have an older non-sawtooth spine model they're fetching about $100 now I hear.

The Glock E-Tool is a fantastic piece of kit too.
I think I have bought 3 total. They are tough knives, but 1 one them was pretty dull along the edge when it arrived.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy with them.
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