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New Obsession; Dan Wesson Revolvers...

Small Frame, Large Frame, Square Tang, Round Tang…. My head hurts. I’m guessing you guys have large frame and square tang pistols.
Easy to remember. 38/357 are "small frame" with square tang for grips. 44 spl/44mag are "large frame" and have oval tangs for the grips. Model 14 has fixed rear sight and 'pork chop" barrel shroud. Model 15 have adjustable rear sights and straight barrel shrouds.

Both have removable barrel shrouds and barrels. You actually set the cylinder gap when you change barrels (very easy).
Found a stainless 4” barrel on EBay after looking through a couple pages? Lots of DW parts on there?View attachment 6240102Example/pricing… This don’t look right?? View attachment 6240251They have some cool looking DW rubber grips as well @edindah. You can almost build a DW on eBay lol.
Crazy ebay pricing... yes some parts are a good deal. Dont expect grips and barrels of anything on the ebay to be reasonable..
. thanks... I need to trade and see the part.


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I completely get it .. Ebay takes a healthy chunk and looks like the seller is as well!
I thought that was a little high for the grips. They do look good though… I found Spectre (I believe it’s them?) on EBay and I’ve saved a lot of $$$ but I can see how they have to markUp for EBay’s cut. Note: I got an email about the rough looking 4” barrel, they came down to $150 (in email).
I’ve got a Dan Wesson in .357 I bought for protection when my son was 2. He’s 31 now and we get it out on occasion and run a few rounds through it. Not sure what model it is. I’ll try to remember to post some pics when I get back to the house. Would be interested to know exactly what I’ve got.
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