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Shooting at Lakewood Church in Houston 2-11-2024


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Mar 23, 2013
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The timing's a bit odd with the recent push by some to make armed church security illegal.

Very sad that a child was the victim.
Yes that is awful. I can’t begin to comprehend what could cause someone to be so evil.
That's just messed up all around.

The woman had a long rifle and a backpack and was wearing a trench coat when she entered the church from a parking lot and started shooting, Finner said.

The woman threatened that she had a bomb and sprayed an unknown substance as first responders arrived, the chief said. It wasn't clear what the substance was was, as fire department personnel arrived to investigate and clear the scene, he said.

Police checked a vehicle and backpack for possible explosives but none have been reported.

The police appear to be ones that shot the child. Not clear if they also shot the 50'ish year old man.

Only description of shooter: 30-35 years old. She came in between services.
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