The Mother-In-Law Long read, get a drink...for me.


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Dec 11, 2011
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It's the little things she is doing, which maybe unintentional..maybe not. Like repalcing my half eaten jar of apricot jelly with damn generic Aldi brand crap. filling the refrigrator and cabinent with jars of F#$&ing mayonaise. I hate mayonaise worse then democrats..thank god they are not democrats.
Sounds like she’s got a plan :brushteeth::eyebrows::lol:
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Jun 6, 2014
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It's the little things she is doing, which maybe unintentional..maybe not. Like repalcing my half eaten jar of apricot jelly with damn generic Aldi brand crap. filling the refrigrator and cabinent with jars of F#$&ing mayonaise. I hate mayonaise worse then democrats..thank god they are not democrats.


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Nov 30, 2020
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Jasper, Georgia
This would probably could be made into a funny movie or fiction story. Unfortunelty it's my current state of afairs (hell). Let me start out by saying unlike a lot of guys that hate their mother in law, I actually have always liked my mother in law. I would like it to stay that way but my affection is starting to wain. She lived in several places over the time that me and my wife dated and later married. Moving like a gypsy was the way my wife was brought up. When we first married, the M.I.L lived in Newnan. Then she moved to Florida (several places). recently she decided on a whim to sell her modular home in a retirment community, claimed she sold to get top dollar for the place in the current market. Great idea if you already have a place to move, Not so great if you have no plan. So she decides to move back to Georgia. My wife informs me she (M.I.L) and her boyfriend are going to stay with us until she finds a place to buy. They decide since the are getting older they don't want to drive seperate vehicle back to Georgia. The boy friend and her are going to driver their motor home. Someone will need to go to Florida and bring their car up. You know who gets volunteered. I have my daughter who was driving to Statesboro drive me to Florida so I can drive the car back here. Of course this is decided durng deer season. They arrive and proceed to park the motor home in my pasture. Yea I'm sure this won't effect the deer movement on my property.
Day 1. I walk into the kitchen and find M.I.L cleaning out the refrigerator. States she has to make room for the boyfriends insulin. I text my wife and ask her if she wants to go ahead and order a new refrigerator now or wait to pick one out and Home Depot? reason being M.I.L visted one time and broke the dishwasher by snatching the handle off of it. I had to replace it and while doing so broke the hot water line which scorched the $#!+ out of me and flooded the kitchen. 2 hours after emptying the fridge of most of our opened condiments and other recently purchased items. I go to pick up the garbage bag which is a 55 gallon contractor bag, I nearly throw out my back because I can barely lift it. The M.I.L asks me what's wrong with the clothes dryer? I don't know its only 2 years old. Sure enough it no longer works. After removing the back and testing a few things I'm thinking the heat sensor fuse is broke. I happen to have a few and replace it. still no workie. Must be the push button start. So I order it off Amazon. 10 days later one arrives. I replace it. still no workie. I check the fuse again. bad batch of fuses, order some more. 2 days later new fuses arrive. Back in bizness.
Week 2. After looking at several places in their price range they find that everything they can afford is a dump. NO $#!+ Sherlock. You're trying to buy in a sellers market , that is completely over priced. You sold a modular home in a retirment community. You can't buy crap in Georgia for what you sold your place for. They suggest buying a trailer and putting it on my property. The reason I bought all the tracts around me was to keep from some white trash buying it and putting a trailer on it and dropping my property value.
Week 3. M.I.L is frustriated she can't find a deal on a nice $250k house for $90K. More cleaning out the fridge. Every night they stay up to 11:30pm with the TV blaring since they're both deaf, all the lights on since they're both blind. I tend to go to bed at 10ish and get up early.
week 4. Boy friend suggest I take my box blade and smooth out the drive way. Gee thanks! great idea. I've been doing that for the last 17 years. The drive way has been a constant issue at our house since we moved here. It's a 3rd of a mile long and in front of the house has a steep grade that tends to wash out during the monsoon rains we get here. Last year we payed to have asphalt millings put down. It seems to work pretty good but still has areas that will wash. If I get too aggresive with the scrap blade I feel the asphalt millings will mix with the dirt and sand and will not compact as well, maybe I'm wrong,. Once this happens it will wash out again. The boy friend sugest I use the scariffers blades down to break up the asphalt. I tell him that won't work. The next day my wife texts me all pissed off, she is tired of the driveway being rough and wants to sell the place. I'm sitting there thinking Ol Azz hat probably told her his suggestion and now had ripped a bandaid off that has been an issue for 17 years. I tell her " Great Idea, So we can be homeless just like her mother. Trade our problems for someone elses problem house and pay double the value for it. great idea!

This is wearing me out. In the past my wife has usually tolarated her mother to a point but the wife isn't as patient as I am. I figured she would snap on her and the issue would go away. Looks like the plan isn't working. I have to find things to drive these two nuts but to do it in a way its not obvious. suggestions?
I used to work off Atlanta Road in Smyrna right next to NAS Atlanta. There's a trailer park there. One day a mech tech at my work told me as we were driving by it for lunch that he'd had a problem with his boy acting up. He put the boy in the truck and drove him through the park VERY SLOWLY. He said, "You're heading down the wrong road with me, boy. You keep this up and you're gonna end up here. Now get out and walk it, pick out a spot and I'll see you back at the entrance."

You should do the same thing to your MIL and her boyfriend and tell the MIL that if she complains to wifey, you'll get the keys and drive the damn motorhome down there yourself, first week's rental is on you. Then tell her and boyfriend to get out. One of those two ends up in the hospital (most like BF) you'll never get them out and the demands on you will be interminable. Hard choices...
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