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Question about reloads

Cases are long gone. This was many years ago. Whole ass end of the case was blown out. Learned the importance of glasses that day.
The ammo could be overloaded, but it could also have been the gun firing the ammo.

A generous unsupported chamber, combined with reloaded brass that may have been reloaded several times, can lead to a blown out case just above the extractor groove. A lot of 9mm cases have been reloaded at USPSC 9major levels and subsequently reloaded another time at standard levels. This is a sure way to eventually blow a case bottom out. The brass should be discarded after one loading of 9mm Major power.

Also, a blow back gun with a weak spring could allow a hot loaded just fired case to begin to extract before the burn is complete, causing a blown case. This normally does not happen with fast powders like BullsEye, but can happen with some of the favorite 9mm major powders (HS-6, AutoComp, etc.).

I would just pull a couple bullets apart and weigh the powder charge and the bullet. Either could be incorrect. 5.0 BullsEye with any bullet over 115 grains is an over charge.
I'm just going to sell them for components if anyone is interested. 650 rds. 7 boxes of hollowpoint and 6 fmj.
Just a suggestion, maybe pull some randomly and see how accurate the charge weights are. If they are consistent, maybe consider running them in a 9mm carbine.

But, in the end, it’s your fingers, hands and face.

I’ve produced some stiff loads in the past that i labeled as carbine only after determining they were too much for a pistol. Carbines can usually handle them much better.
You could shoot them out of a Ruger Blackhawk conv. revolver.
They tend to take high loads other firearms cant handle.

However, my advice would be to pull a few as suggested and weigh/measure powder charge and bullet weights to see what combination you have. That is the safest and best way to go about it.
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