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Wow! With an open mind watch these videos. Landed on the moon or a huge fake and no country has ever landed on the moon?

Moon landing faked or real

  • Real

    Votes: 37 58.7%
  • Fake

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At 12:11 of this video it seals the fate of this ever being real and proves the US and every other country has never been to the moon. At 1000 miles above earth there is a radiation band around earth. That's the first time I have ever heard that in my 58yrs on this planet. To get through it means traveling for 1 1/2 hours through extreme lethal radiation. The moon is said to be 238,900 miles from earth. It also explains why we never went back with 50yr newer technology and more powerful rockets. Can't get past the lethal radiation.

You can't land on the moon now and you couldn't do it with floppy disc technology.
Floppy disk?
That was punch-card tech.

The story goes that on an early NASA mission, the engineer in charge
of the weight control demanded to know the weight of the software.
He would not take for an answer that it had no weight and demanded
to see it. Finally he was shown a deck of punched cards. "Ah ha!"
he said, "see, I knew it had to weigh something". The software
engineer replied: "You don't understand, the software is the *holes*
punched into these cards" :-)
These arguments seem plausible at first, they really do.

But they are weak and completely misguided and designed to fool the man on the street.

I'll explain.

Anyone watch "The Right Stuff"?

Remember early in the program the phrase - "No bucks, no Buck Rogers"?

Going to the moon wasn't cheap. By Apollo 17 ( the last mission ) the public's interest had waned and funding was cut.

The argument that once we crossed the Atlantic air traffic became plentiful. Sure it did, IT WAS PROFITABLE!

There was no profit going to the moon. It was purely for scientific knowledge.

And when your funding gets cut, it's kinda hard to convince contractors to work for free.

I doubt I've changed any doubters' minds but I had to get this off my chest.

Oh, and it's all debunked here:

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