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Your favorite Fudd gun for hunting


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May 19, 2010
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I’m predominantly a bow hunter and haven’t killed a deer with a gun in years but I love guns and now with season winding down and my serious hunting pretty much done I pull out a few rifles from the safe and go sit for an afternoon hunt. It would take a pretty good buck for me to actually pull the trigger but I still like the romance or the nostalgia factor. Most of the time its a gun that was owner by a close friend or one that I haven’t carried in years. I like old school stuff, Fudd guns I guess. What’s your favorite Fudd gun?


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Got a small ring Mauser action with 18 in light weight barrel in 257 Roberts with Timney trigger and 2 1/2 power weaver Alaskan scope. The outfit weighs 5 1/2 pounds and at a hundred yards it will put 5 shots in one hole if I do my part. Been my go to deer rifle for 37 years!
In 1972, my Dad won a Browning BAR .30-06 in a charity raffle. He brought it home, hefted it a few times alongside is Winchester 94(the only other deer caliber he owned) and handed me the Browning and this one's yours. Prior to that I deer hunted with a sporterized 8mm Mauser I paid $30 for. I hunted with the Browning until Daddy died. Then I inherited the 94. Been using it ever since. Served me well.
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