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Has anyone ever woke themselves up by farting

Who has woken themselves up with a fart?

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I swear this is true. I had a girlfriend that was really high maintenance and prissy. When I was at her house I would say I heard something outside and I was gonna check it out. That was my excuse to go outside and rip a big one (or 2) well, I never said she was smart (she was dating me) and she thought she had peeping toms or something. I never knew she didn't feel safe at her house cuz I had gas, lmbo fo real

Damn that is funny.

Yes, as, yes it is. Very funny. "I don't know honey, did it sound like a tree or a car?" Lol

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quite the opposite...

i just never woke myself up from it......have been woken up to be told how bad it was though.....lol

dang, the pole question shoulda been "woke anyone up"
Haha! Best thread in recent history!

To answer your question, yes I have. Never by sound but by smell! My wife woke me up one night shaking me and calling my name. It scared me half to death. I thought someone had broken into the house by the way she was acting. I roll out of bed, heart racing, just for to yell " you farted"! I was PISSED OFF! I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep.
Once I was sick with flu like symptons to include upset stomach. At the time I had a Jack Russell that slept on top of the covers at my feet at night. I was sorta scared to let on rip due to just getting over an upset stomach. I suddenly felt the urge, so I gauged it to make sure it was going to be a dry one and I let a long warm one rip. It smelled so bad that my dog stood up, stared at me for a sec, sneezed, jumped off the bed and went to her kennel. My gosh, on a fart smell scale it was a 9.5. I actually had to get out of bed myself it smelled so bad. I had to find the Febreeze and fumigate the bedroom. Skeeter, my dog refused to come back to bed.
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