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Talk me out of a safe

There are options with some work and ingenuity that can hide the safe or put the attention on something else. Also a personal articles policy ( PAP ) with your vehicle and homeowners policy. You give detailed description of the gun and the equipment added. The policy is based on the value of each gun that you say it's worth. The amount you pay is based on your values. For example let's just say you have 15,000 dollars worth of guns. Your premium would be around 15 bucks a month. Your home owners policy only covers 2,500 worth of guns in the event of a covered catastrophic event or theft. They can tie a chain around the safe and yank it through the wall and drag it off to wherever. State Farm cuts you a check based on the values you stated. No questions asked. It's covered. The best protection you can have bar none. My best friends wife owns a SF agency. He works with her. He turned me on to that info.
Looking to buy a Liberty Colonial 50. Talk me out of it. What say you?

The Liberty Colonial 50 is a great safe and will serve you well, I have had several safes and the Liberty's have always been great for me.
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