Hate to ask but think I need my prayer warriors!


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Sep 1, 2015
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I feel selfish asking for prayers for myself but sure would appreciate help from my Prayer Warriors out there. I came down with COVID Friday. From stories I have heard, it was no worse than the flu and sometimes not even as bad so I figured I could tough it out for few days and be fine. My case has become far more severe than any flu I have ever experienced which may be due to my age and pre-existing lung disease. I feel I may be getting worse instead of better.

In the first 4 days, the pain in my swollen throat, painful coughing, fever and migraine level headaches, caused me to be unable to eat or sleep. I may have averaged 4-6 hours total in sleep over 4 days. It hurts so much to swallow I can’t eat. My breathing is shallow and my chest hurts. I am now unable to speak. It got so bad that stronger COVID medicine was delivered to my home Tuesday night. Seems like its getting worse instead of better so any prayers would be appreciated to get this big ole Cry Baby feeling better. I used to think I was tougher than this but getting scary now. Thanks
Prayers for your recovery, sir. Please get medical help. And, make sure that you have someone checking in on you. God bless.

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Jun 10, 2010
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I've had COVID three times now with all of the travel that I have to do.

The first time was by far the sickest I've ever been. the second time was like the flu and the third was like a cold.
Here's what worked for me.

1. Do NOT stay flat on your back for long.
2. Get up and walk, you don't want to do this and if feels like you won't make it.
3. Take steam showers, get a shower seat if needed and dump anything that helps open your lungs in the shower and breath in the steam
4. Vicks on the chest
5. Hot Theraflu tea, anything hot helps
7. Vitamin D and C
8. Refuse to let COVID win!
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