How much are crickets?


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Sep 23, 2010
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Sandy Springs
I normally give them an orange and they plump up and get juicy. We took them to the pond last night and my daughter had a blast catching them as fast as I could bait the hook. We used all of the live ones and all of the dead ones that still resembled a cricket. Daughter leaves on Saturday heading back to UGA. Honestly when she was pulling them out the water I would have probably given a $1 a piece. After Saturday my son and I will be back to throwing jigs for bream and him throwing wacky rigs for bass.
The fact your college student daughter still likes doing this with her dad is awesome. Congratulations, good Pop.


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Aug 10, 2020
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Lost Mtn
Buying crickets ? Damn y'all Richie riches

Cheap bag of instant potatoes(any carb really), mix in a few tablespoons of sugar, sprinkle it out on ground in shaded area and cover with a big piece of cardboard, carpet or whatever and check back next morning and be ready to catch more crickets than you need in an all day fishing trip.

If you can't catch by hand, make traps from toilet paper and paper towel tubes and use the potato/sugar bait. you still want to cover with something to keep sun off
I gotta try that!!!
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