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First thing you ever sold or bought on the ODT


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May 19, 2010
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I was looking back in my old mail box for a scope I bought from someone and ended up going down the rabbit hole to my very first in box message nearly 14 years ago, I know I should delete some stuff, the first thing I sold on here was a WWII magazine pouch for $25. I was also looking at some of tye members that I had corresponded with and think some have gone to the trading post in the sky since.
So what was the first thing you sold or bought off the ODT?
My first purchase here in 2011 was a Winchester 30-30. I have always used a scope for deer, and wanted to try and hunt with iron sights. It was great until I had a twilight shot on a coyote and couldn't see them. It was a good idea, but then I realized if a trophy buck came in I would have the same issue. My good friend and neighbor still has it, sold it to him for what I paid.
No idea. 2011 was a looong time ago and many many trades on here. I will say I have learned a ton about reloading and firearms in general. Still lots of stuff on here to learn about because you never stop learning if you want to!! Most of the learning is because we have great members on here that will take the time to educate you. That is rare in itself.
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